Why Centurion

We have realized a 49% reduction in CLABSI in our intensive care units
Director of Infection Control LSU Health Shreveport

The surgeons loved it because when they rolled the patient over to examine the patient’s wounds, the blood had been absorbed leaving a clean view of the entry wounds.
Andrea J. Inventory Control Coordinator Winthrop University Hospital

...the surrounding skin was highly infected, it has cleared up substantially in the last 3 days since the SorbaView went on...
Dejana C. Mother of Patient

...found her to be diaphoretic, bed and clothes were drenched. My expectation was that the PICC dressing would not hold but to my amazement it was completely intact.

She has very sensitive skin, and the only dressing that she can tolerate is your SorbaView.
Eileen T. Mother of Patient

Since Katie is constantly on IV antibiotics for her lung infections due to Cystic FIbrosis, the SorbaView Ultimate is a true blessing.
Eileen T. Mother of Patient

My girls suffer with chronic nausea and vomiting. We have used bowls, Ziploc bags and much more. Your product is the best.
Ellen I. Mother of Patient

The Foley anchor made the catheter tube feel secure and in place.
Surgical Patient University of Michigan Hospital

They do have similar products on the market but they just don't do the job.
Jill W. Daughter of Patient

This product has afforded him to be more active, as well as not developing a rash under the PICC dressing.
Joyce V. Registered Nurse

The SorbaView Shield dressing has been a definite benefit for this particular patient in the care and maintenance of his PICC...
Joyce V. Registered Nurse

...with the SorbaView she has a fighting chance. I do hope that Arkansas Children's Hospital makes it a standard with all CVL & PICC lines.
June Mother of Patient

They seem to be working well on the jugulars – one patient who had both said that the smaller one was much more comfortable.
Karen O. Nurse

We have used them on Broviacs and they really hold PICC's especially on big and sweaty babies.
L.- RN, PICC Nurse, Neonatal ICU RN, PICC Nurse Neonatal ICU

In Jan, they had 7 infiltrations, Feb none that utilized the SHIELD, and since they ran out of the product, they have had 3 infiltrations.
M. Clinical Educator

I tried SorbaView SHIELD and within one week found my skin less red and irritated, and my skin was also less itchy.
Molly M. Patient

...it lasts much better and sticks longer around the edges than the old, clear dressing.
Monica M. Mother of Patient

Yesterday we got a box of 100 Sorbaview Shields that will give us almost two years of patch changes! Thank you Martha and Centurion!!!!!!!!!
Mother of Patient

...the Sorbaview Shield held up well for 7 days with no catheter migration. She has been using it for close to a month now with no issues.
PICC Nurse

We have tried all kinds of wipes and these are superior to all others.
Ruthann P. Mother of Patient

I have found your product to be comfortable, sensitive for long term wear and it allows my skin to breathe, in addition, this dressing is very secure.
Ryan H. Patient

...SorbaView SHIELD holds BETTER than the Tegaderm HP, and MORE gentle than the Opsite.
Tess Patient

She and her parents both were very impressed with the dressing, especially the ease of removal with the adhesive free zone.
Tonya M. Registered Nurse

She was using the SorbaView in the hospital... Her skin literally blisters and peels off with Tegaderm
Valerie H. Mother of Patient

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