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  • We have realized a 49% reduction in CLABSI in our intensive care units from 2010 to 2011 through standardization of central line insertion and maintenance practices and implementing universal education of staff. Standardization of our central line dressing change protocol and using a standardized dressing change tray definitely played a role in this improvement. Thank you for the assistance you gave us in reaching our goal of reducing CLABSI.
    Director of Infection Control LSU Health Shreveport
  • I just wanted to tell you that the trauma sheet that you asked me to try was a big hit. The same day that you left it with me we received a multiple gun shot wound. The patient had multiple gun shots to the back and legs and it was very bloody. Everybody on the case loved the trauma sheet for multiple reasons. The surgeons loved it because when they rolled the patient over to examine the patient's wounds, the blood had been absorbed leaving a clean view of the entry wounds.The radiology team loved the fact that they could put the films under the sheet and not get the x-ray film case contaminated with blood and they were able to use the sheet to pull the patient over for his CT scan, and the ER team loved how easy it was to clean up after the patient went to the OR.
    Andrea J. Inventory Control Coordinator Winthrop University Hospital
  • My son has a PICC line due to having a Brain Abscess caused by an ear infection. He has had the PICC line in for 10 weeks now, projected duration of PICC line is 4 more months an if it does not clear up, he will need surgery to remove the brain abcess which is on the speech center of the brain (and he may permanently lose his ability to speak). We have been using a Tegaderm covering and changing the dressing weekly. Unfortunately, his skin has become inflamed and infected under this Tegaderm. He was seen in the ER at University-Rainbows Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday 1-15-08. They sent down an IV nurse to clean his arm and redressed it with your SorbaView 2000 # SV46XT, sent us home with a prescription (no samples or extra dressing), to get from our home health care provider. His PICC line was not infected, but the surrounding skin was highly infected, it has cleared up substantially in the last 3 days since the SorbaView went on (the skin can breathe and heal). The next day I called Home Health Care to place the order, but they did not carry your product, nor did they have anything comparable, nor did the hospital pharmacy. The last 2 days I have tried to purchase this dressing or something like it, (called numerous other pharmacies, medical and surgical supply companies and even a few hospitals, and on line using the internet) my home health care provider and others have tried, no luck. I contacted the hospital IV department to see if I could purchase it directly from them, no luck. I am truly at a loss of how to obtain this dressing for my son, and no one else seems to be able to get it either. I think it would be easier for me get ahold of plutonium or uranium at this point! I find it hard to believe that a product that is used by the hospital, and sends its patients home with it,with a need for continuous use of the dressing, cannot be purchased for home use by that patient. I am asking for your help to get my son the proper supplies for on-going home care. I have a prescription for the dressing, I carry insurance and am even willing to pay out of pocket for the dressing, as long as it will help my son heal and not get skin infections like from the previously used Tegaderm, which does not allow his skin to breath beneath it. If it is your company policies or contracts not to sell to the public, I understand, but why can't you sell it to the Home Health Care, and I'll get it thru them, or the hospital pharmacy, or some other supply place.? 

I have found out from some of the nurses, that my son is not the only one who has had skin reactions to the Tegaderm due to long term use, but like myself, they too cannot find a solution, (short term solution is to cover the injection site with gauze, but this now opens up the possibility of infection at the site due to it not being sealed). Its kind of being between a rock and a hard place. The SorbaView 2000 seems to be the best solution at this time for this ongoing condition, and would relieve the pain and suffering our children go thru with every dressing change. As a parent, I will do everything in my power to stop my child from feeling pain, especially unnecessary pain caused by a simple dressing, because at this point, he has gone thru so much already.
    Dejana C. Mother of Patient
  • I wanted to share with you an very positive experience with the PICC dressing. I was rounding on a patient with a PICC line and found her to be diaphoretic, bed and clothes were drenched. My expectation was that the PICC dressing would not hold but to my amazement it was completely intact. I think that this really shows what an outstanding product you have because realistically speaking, due to the condition of the patient, it would be a normal outcome that the dressing needed to be changed.
    Donna RN, BSN, CNRN
  • My daughter is a 23 year old Cystic Fibrosis patient. She has just had her fifth mediport implanted. Her mediport has been accessed for IV antibiotocs for the past 3 years without a break. She has very sensitive skin, and the only dressing that she can tolerate is your SorbaView. Currently her home care company is sending her the SorbaView 2000 3 3/4" x 5" dressing. It is much larger than her huber needle and there is a lot of excess adhesive on her skin, which causes additional irritation. We are trying to find a smaller dressing hoping for a less irritated area of skin. Coram healthcare says there isn't a smaller dressing from your company that they have. They sent her Primapore, a dressing made by Smith & Nephew, yes they had it in a smaller size which would have worked well if the adhesive had stayed on for more than one hour, also there is no window in the dressing to observe the site, the window has some type of gauze in it. So needless to say even if it adhered properly it would not benefit her to not be able to see the insertion site. I was wondering if there was anything you could do to get us a few samples of SV254UDT PEDI PICC and the smaller SecureView Port Dressing. I would be willing to pay for the dressings if that would work. Thank you for your help in this matter.
    Eileen T. Mother of Patient
  • Thank you so much for everything. The sorbaview ultimate has been on for 2 days now and no signs of coming loose. I cannot explain how much this means to us. Katie's skin was becoming extremely irritated from having to change the dressing daily because the bottom was always coming loose. Even though the SorbaView itself does not give her blisters (as all of the other dressings did) her skin was becoming very red and irritated from the constant changing. Since Katie is constantly on IV antibiotics for her lung infections due to Cystic Fibrosis, the SorbaView Ultimate is a true blessing.
    Eileen T. Mother of Patient
  • I am an outreach volunteer for Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association. More importantly I am the mother of two girls who have Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. At one of my girls' admission to the hospital, she was offered one of your eme-bags. I love them and my girls find them to be so convenient. My girls suffer with chronic nausea and vomiting. We have used bowls, ziploc bags and much more. Your product is the best. I work for a hospital and ordered a case of eme-bags for my family. For the past four days my daughter has had one by her side continually.
    Ellen I. Mother of Patient
  • The Foley anchor made the catheter tube feel secure and in place, eliminating the uncomfortable feeling of it shifting and pulling down when moving around during the day and moving around while sleeping.
    Surgical Patient University of Michigan Hospital
  • My Father has Cancer and the hospital used the SorbaView 2000 on the stints they placed in his kidney's. They are a great product but unfortunately, I can't find them anywhere. They do have similar products on the market but they just don't do the job. He developed an infection and the tubes running out of his back are leaking a bit. This product is the only thing that we have found to use, that helps with the drainage. Please send me information on where I can buy more, I know how expensive these are and I have a prescription from the Doctor. I just can't find them at any of the local or specialty pharmacies.
    Jill W. Daughter of Patient
  • I have been placing PICCs for 15 years and have done well over 12,000 PICCs. In addition I have cared for and maintained at least double that amount of PICC dressings in all healthcare settings. I have used just about every dressing kit on the market, as well as numerous transparent dressings. I have used the stat-lock, bio-patch, and Chloroprep since they have been introduced into the healthcare industry. I have been doing care and maintenance of a PICC line for a private 35 year old, male, home care patient with Lyme's disease, since May 2008. After a few months he started to develop skin sensitivity. I started deleting one of the above items one by one, in an attempt to evaluate which one was causing the skin irritation and breakdown. I also tried at least six (6) different transparent dressings. I was changing the dressing every 3-4 days, but the patient continued to develop skin irritation. I stopped using Chloroprep and went to the alcohol/betadine antiseptic, of which the betadine helped in drying up the irritation. The area under the dressing had developed a small pustule type rash. When I stopped using the bio-patch, the red circle indentation surrounding the insertion site cleared up. I tried a gauze dressing and then a telfa dressing, with less of a rash, but still changing the dressing every 3-4 days. Even the area under the stat-lock developed small pustules. Finally, we had to remove the PICC (all cultures were negative), to ensure that no secondary infection developed. Interesting at this time, I received a call from the Tri-State rep, Darrell Troisi, whom I had recently encountered. He informed me of the new dressing that his company would have available in the immediate future, SorbaView SHIELD. I explained what was happening with my home PICC patient. He was able to acquire a few samples to send me for this patient. I started using this dressing, without the Chloroprep, BioPatch and StatLock, and within a week to ten days the site was totally free of any skin irritation, as well as no migration of the PICC. (In spite of the diagnosis of this patient, depending on his energy level, he is quite active). We are now able to change the dressing on a weekly basis and the skin still looks as good as it did after the PICC was placed. Previously, I had to restrict this patient from any kind of exercising, due to the moisture being created under the various dressings, which I felt had contributed to the rash. He was very careful and rarely ever got his dressing damp when showering. With this dressing in place, the dressing stayed very secure due to the design of the product and the material that was used. This product has afforded him to be more active, as well as not developing a rash under the PICC dressing. We have been very pleased with the outcome and securement of this product and have been using the SorbaView SHIELD since the end of December 2008. We are slowly introducing the use of the Chloroprep and Bio-patch back into the dressing change. I have been pleased and grateful that we have found a product that has been so effective for this patient. I want to thank Darrel Troisi for the SorbaView SHIELD samples and introducing me to this product in order to benefit my patient, who has encountered so many problems with the other dressings. This is a product that I would recommend for a patient with a PICC dressing.
    Joyce V. Registered Nurse
  • This communication is an addendum to the previous letter that I wrote on January 23, 2009. I want to update you on my PICC home patient that I have been caring for, for almost 11 months. In February 2009, I attempted to obtain additional SorbaView SHIELD Dressings to continue in the care of my home patient. Unfortunately, at that time they weren't available to me. From February to near the end of March it was necessary to return to the various transparent dressings that we had previously used for the PICC dressing, prior to having SorbaView SHIELD available to us. Fortunately we found one dressing similar to the material that the SorbaView SHIELD was made out of, but not with the additional securement device. However, he continued to have some irritation with this dressing, but definitely not to the magnitude that it had been previously. However, we had to return to more frequent dressing changes, every 5-7 days. Three weeks ago we were able to acquire additional SorbaView SHIELD Dressings. We are now back to weekly dressing changes and the skin irritation is almost gone. The patient feels that the dressing has a more comfortable feeling to his skin and is very confident in his PICC being very secure as he continues with his daily living activities, since he is quite active, pending his energy level for the day. The SorbaView SHIELD dressing has been a definite benefit for this particular patient in the care and maintenance of his PICC as well as preventing additional unnecessary PICC insertions for him. Thank you for this product.
    Joyce V. Registered Nurse
  • Thank you! Khloe is at high risk for CVL infections which results in a prolonged hospital stays, but with the SorbaView she has a fighting chance. I do hope that Arkansas Children's Hospital makes it a standard with all CVL & PICC lines. Again, I cannot express the full range of my appreciation for your generosity.
    June Mother of Patient
  • We're liking them a lot. Some of the nurses are not sure about changing the PICC dressing with nothing holding it, they are going to try the tape on the tubing thing. They seem to be working well on the jugulars - one patient who had both said that the smaller one was much more comfortable. One lady with a PICC said she was much more comfortable without the StatLoc.
 We'll write up some evaluations, and see what we should do. One concern I have is having to have multiple dressing kits - PICC, CVP, mediport. There's always so much waste when you open the wrong one and keeping 3 in stock seems a pain. We could eliminate the dressing itself from the kit, and open the appropriate dressing separately…an extra step, but then so is opening a new StatLoc for PICC.
    Karen O. Nurse
  • I'd love to have some more, only because I love them. We have used them on Broviacs and they really hold PICC's especially on big and sweaty babies. I gave your name and number to Jo…. because some people upstairs wanted a smaller version of their dressing. What do we need to do to get them all the time?
    L.- RN, PICC Nurse, Neonatal ICU RN, PICC Nurse Neonatal ICU
  • We had approximately 175 SHIELD securing devices for February. In Jan, they had 7 infiltrations, Feb none that utilized the SHIELD, and since they ran out of the product, they have had 3 infiltrations. We recommend using the product. Thanks!
    M. Clinical Educator
  • My name is Molly and I recently had the opportunity to try sorbaview shield. I was diagnosed with leukemia in November 2008 and have had a picc line in my arm for 6 months to receive chemotherapy treatments. Within the last 3 months, I have been battling allergic reactions and skin irritations around my PICC line that was dressed with Tegaderm and Statlock. My nurses and I experimented with a variety of dressings, sterilization methods, etc but found little change if any on my skin. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I tried SorbaView SHIELD and within one week found my skin less red and irritated, and my skin was also less itchy. The SorbVaview SHIELD dressing made huge impact on my skin! It was a night to day difference and wouldn't go back!
    Molly M. Patient
  • I just wanted to say "thank you" for the dressings. We LOVE the SorbaView Dressing. For my daughter, age 5, it is much less traumatic to remove than the other standard dressing/bandage the hospital used previously (they still use the old clear dressing per their "take home" kit). The old clear bandages really hurt when you remove them from the central line site. My daughter's central line stitches also came off during one dressing change due to the sticking factor of the old bandage right around the central line's exit site. We feel much more comfortable using the dressing, and it lasts much better and sticks longer around the edges than the old, clear dressing. I would highly recommend it for any other patient. Hopefully, the hospital will use this dressing with their home kit in the future, and will continue to use it at the hospital for inpatients.
    Monica M. Mother of Patient
  • We have been very much blessed in Michael's life with people who have gone above and beyond their jobs - his pulmonologists never flagged in their stance of taking each issue and dealing with it as it came and keeping him alive despite all the odds when he was young. His hematologist came in the picture when he was eight and not only saved his life, but gave him a better life for the next 10 years. and today has taken on all the responsibility of coordinating his care and working to make his quality of life as high as possible. My mother has been unflagging in her support of Michael, myself, and my family. When I think of the hours she has spent in doctor's offices even back when she had young children of her own, I am overwhelmed by her love and support. She gives Michael the space to just be and forget about his issues. These are big gifts, and there are many more friends and family who have stood by for years in good and in bad. Sometimes, however, its a little thing that can go unnoticed in the middle of the big things. The first PICC that Michael had was a nightmare, not because of the PICC itself, but because all of the dressings we tried irritated his skin so badly that just before they pulled it due to skin breakdown, the whole patch would just fall off as another layer of his skin fell off. As a mother, it was painful and frustrating to watch. Just before they pulled it, our nurse brought a different type of patch that another of her patients gave us to try - it stopped the inflammation but it was too late for the skin on that arm, it needed to heal up. PICC number two we started right off with the Sorbaview patch that our supply company was finally able to get a hold of in a small form that we had to piggy back, but it was worth it to keep his skin in better condition. PICC #3 came and we had two Sorbaviews left to use for the initial placement but due to strange and irritating "rules" we couldn't even manage to buy them off the supply company due to the fact that a) he wasn't a patient b) they didn't have orders c) even if they had orders they couldn't dispense to someone in a hospital. It's a PATCH, not something you can sell on the street corner or black market! After a round about frustrating conversation I hit the web, perfectly willing to buy them but again frustrated at being unable to do so. They are being trialed by hospitals at the moment. I really wanted to get my hands on the newer Sorbaview Shield which would let us ditch one more object with adhesive on it (statlock to hold it in place). We didn't need the statlock as they had stitched it on his skin, but that meant I wanted it VERY secure - I want this PICC to last as long as possible. We HAD to change his patch in the hospital as it was full of blood from the placement and pooled blood breaks down skin but I so did not want to put anything with tegaderm on it and start the breakdown as well-frustrating! Anyway, no luck, couldn't even buy them. I finally called the company directly and fell in love with Martha. At first I was told that they couldn't sell them to the public because they were on trial with hospitals but that she could see about possibly donating some, she was very sweet and gracious and asked some questions about Michael, his health, his reaction to all the other brands we tried and said she would contact someone. Within fifteen minutes she called back saying they would be sending us some! Yesterday we got a box of 100 Sorbaview Shields that will give us almost two years of patch changes! Thank you Martha and Centurion!!!!!!!!! It seems like such a little thing to write such a long post about, but Michael needs a PICC line. which needs to be kept sterile and safe as possible from infection, which needs to not destroy his skin and cause him pain and frustration. It made my week! Martha, your graciousness and compassion touched my heart when I was feeling quite down and I appreciate it more than you can know. Thank you all for making something a little easier in my son's life that is full of things not so easy. We're on the third dressing change and his skin looks fantastic, the patch holds like a dream but then comes off just as easily - we love them!
    Mother of Patient
  • I recently had an opportunity to try the Sorbaview Shield on a patient that was having a problem with tape/tegaderm skin irritation. We applied the product and the patient (who was a nurse) loved it and her skin tolerated it well. Being in an LTAC unit, her rehab was escalating and the Sorbaview Shield held up well for 7 days with no catheter migration. She has been using it for close to a month now with no issues. The patient also commented that it was much more comfortable because the Statlock was not pressing into her side and it was much softer 'feeling' than the Tegaderm. I am a Statlock user but I do see the value of the Sorbaview Shield. I could see where it would be more comfortable for the patient. The price is very compelling as well. Definitely not choosing sides but, options are nice!
    PICC Nurse
  • I am interested in purchasing this product for my daughter who has been suffering for 5 and a half years with anal fistulas. We have tried all kinds of wipes and these are superior to all others. We got a pack from Wadsworth Hospital when my daughter was taken to emergency there. She is a patient at Cleveland Clinic and we want them to offer these to their patients. I really would appreciate finding out where I can purchase these Perineal Washcloths.
    Ruthann P. Mother of Patient
  • I have had a PICC line in for over a year, and in that time I have utilized various dressings. The Shield dressings from your company has been the only product that does not irritate my skin. The other products have caused skin rashes, itching, and soreness. I have found your product to be comfortable, sensitive for long term wear and it allows my skin to breathe, in addition, this dressing is very secure. I am pleased to have found a dressing that minimizes the discomfort in association with my PICC line.
    Ryan H. Patient
  • Hi, I wanted to let you know that the sorbaview shield is GREAT! I really appreciate the samples you gave me and wanted to let you know how well it is working. Not only is it simpler (dressing plus stabilization all in one) it is actually the ONLY dressing that my skin hasn't had a really bad rash under (It has totally cleared up). Also, I am able to leave it on the full 7 days (all other clear dressings were falling off of me by day 2 or 3. I am just amazed at how good the sorbaview shield is (i tend to get really bad skin reactions to almsot everything, so you all did a great job in designing it to be so gentle yet secure. I had severe skin reaction under statlock and am not able to use it. I had tried "the bone" and it was better, but very hard to use. Then I'd been using Griplock, but sometimes would get a rash under it. (Also comparing the sorbaview shield to griplock - the sorbaview shield REALLY holds well, griplock sometimes doesn't) My catheter is a silicone one so very hard to secure (it is "slippery") For transparent dressings, I had previously found that Tegaderm HP stayed on the longest and Opsite IV3000 was the least irritating to my skin. The amazing thing is - SorbaView SHIELD holds BETTER than the Tegaderm HP, and MORE gentle than the Opsite. My doctors were really impressed with it - they said my skin has never looked that good under a dressing. I was in the hospital recently (St. Vincents @ Erie, PA) and the IV team, who has seen how terrible some of my skin irriation has been, thought that this was just amazing. Thank you so much for the samples, they are really making my life easier and helping keep my line safe and secure.
    Tess Patient
  • I just wanted to let you know about some positive feedback we received from the SecureView Port dressing (we use SCVP66XT). We have a pediatric leukemia patient that lives here in town and is being treated at ...She was recently seen in our Emergency Department and required treatment accessing her port. We used the SecureView dressing during the course of her treatment. She and her parents both were very impressed with the dressing, especially the ease of removal with the adhesive free zone. They were very complimentary and stated that they wished...utilized the same dressings.
    Tonya M. Registered Nurse
  • Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can locate the Sorbaview (SV30N2XT). My daughter was recently released from the hospital with a Hickman line which will probably be with her for the next 6-8 months. She was using the SorbaView in the hospital; however, when she was discharged, all the DME companies I have contacted tell me they only have Tegaderm. Her skin literally blisters and peels off with Tegaderm. I have gone to every site I can find online and have only found a couple that even offer SorbaView but, it is the larger 4X4.
    Valerie H. Mother of Patient