Airway Management

AirwayManagementFlexView™ is the next era of video laryngoscopy. It flexes to patients’ individual anatomy instead of forcing the anatomy to conform. 

This laryngoscope is easy to use and greatly reduces potential trauma while providing precise, direct guidance of the integrated endotracheal tube

Benefits for Caregivers, Hospitals & Patients

  • Easily articulates to conform to each patient’s specific anatomy rather than the anatomy conforming to the device, reducing force and soft tissue displacement 
  • Integrated endotracheal tube channel system allows for precise placement of the ET tube in a single pass, even in difficult airways 
  • Angulation adjusts gently between 45 to 115 degrees to prevent trauma – no need to forcefully push and pull device to access vocal cords  
  • Clear visualization of the airway on an integrated HD video monitor providing color, real-time viewing and recording 
  • No stylet or bougie needed