AVA 3xi tm Catheter

Twice the convenience. A one-of-a-kind design.

Engineered specifically for routine cardiac patients, the AVA 3Xi™ device meets all your central venous access needs. It's the first triple lumen device with a detachable introducer valve - all in one. Offered exclusively through Centurion Medical Products.

Benefits For Caregivers, Hospitals, Patients & the Environment

  • Transitions from a multi-lumen introducer to a triple lumen device with a detachable introducer valve
  • Provides multiple central venous access in a single insertion site
  • Offers advantages of a triple lumen device, with three infusion lumens,
    and convertibility to insert a Swan-Ganz Catheter if needed
  • Ensures smooth insertion and handling with kink-resistant, polyurethane sheathing
  • Eliminates the necessity for routine introducer/triple lumen device change-outs, saving
    time and money
  • Requires only one insertion site, minimizing the risk of device complications and infection,
    and also reducing the number of sites to maintain