Infant Feeding Tube

Gentle and Effective

The Centurion Infant feeding tube is made to be gentle and comfortable for infants. The tube is soft and flexible for placement, and has a smooth rounded tip to allow for safe and easy insertion.

Benefits for Caregivers, Hospitals & Patients

  • Smooth rounded tips and a high-quality satin finish allow for gentle and safe insertion
  • Opposite, displaced eyelets minimize risk of gastric dumping syndrome
  • Soft, acid-resistant material with a radiopaque stripe for easy placement verification
  • Connector with internal fitting plug provides hygienic protection against reflux and contamination
  • Graduated tube is calibrated in 1cm intervals starting 5cm from distal end
  • Luer connectors attach tightly to standard syringe tips and are color-coded for easy size identification
  • Available in individual sterile packages or as part of customized kits