J-loop Securement Device

Improper IV catheter securement increases the risk of phlebitis, infiltration and other related complications. Unscheduled restarts cost time and money. Secure your J-loops and reduce complications with the Centurion LineGuard™.

Reduce Unscheduled Restarts and Complications

"improved adhesive products and securement devices…are essential to provide increased catheter stability. Such products… may reduce catheter dislodgement and the necessity of reinsertion with its associated needle stick risk." 

- From the OSHA FactSheet: Securing Medical Catheters

Benefits for Caregivers, Hospitals & Patients

  • Securely anchors IV tubing to help stabilize site
  • Helps standardize protocols for J-loop procedures
  • Simple application and removal
  • Comfortable and conformable to skin
  • Patient-friendly adhesive is gentle, yet stays firmly in place
  • Works on a large variety of sites, compatible with any extension set
  • Available in two styles: with fabric or foam base
  • Meets INS Standards for Catheter Stabilization