NasoGastric Securement

Two Sides of Adhesive for Superior Securement

Designed to secure all types of nasal feeding and sump tubes, Centurion's NasoGastric Tube Securement Device is skin-friendly, easy-to-apply, and allows for smooth and proper movement of tubes within the gastric tract during swallowing. This innovative securement product is specially designed with two sets of adhesive (one secures to the nose while the other secures the tube), which greatly reduces bunching and risk of extubation, while improving dwell time.

Benefits for Caregivers, Hospitals & Patients

The NasoGastric Securement saves caregiver time, reduces patient trauma, and results in better financial outcomes for hospitals by providing the following benefits:

  • Two sets of strategically placed, double-sided adhesive areas conform to the patient's nose and tube, which reduces bunching and produces strong securement, lowering the risk of extubation
  • Unique design increases patient comfort by allowing the tube to move just enough within the gastric tract, which reduces the potential for soft tissue irritation often caused by swallowing - and keeps the tubing centered and away from the sides of the nostrils, where irritation and blistering can occur
  • Positioning the securement behind the tube provides the caregiver a clear view of the tube, resulting in a more accurate placement
  • Centurion's 20-year history of developing patient-friendly adhesives means the NasoGastric Securement leaves very little residue on patient's skin or tube
  • Latex free, non-sensitizing and very easy to apply and remove 
  • Secures all types and sizes of nasal feeding tubes and sump tubes
  • Costs less and is less messy than pink tape