SnagFree Needle Holders

Your Sutures Will Never Snag Again

Introducing the most revolutionary change in instrument design in years. Centurion SnagFreeĀ® Instruments feature a patented design that prevents sutures from catching.

With SnagFree needle holders, you'll experience the smoothest, most hassle-free suturing available. That means less time spent per procedure - a better experience for you and your patients. These premium disposable needle holders are individually hand-tested on 6-0 suture for unsurpassed quality and consistency.

Benefits For Caregivers, Hospitals, Patients & the Environment

  • Hand-crafted exclusively for Centurion Medical Products
  • Patented hinge design eliminates snagging - guaranteed
  • Procedures go faster, outcomes are better
  • Manufactured and finished to ensure smooth, even edges
  • Hand-tested on 6-0 suture for unsurpassed quality
  • Instruments are symmetrical, with identical thickness on both jaws
  • Exceptional reliability; guaranteed to perform as expected every time
  • Manufacturing specifications and patterns are strictly adhered to
  • Our extremely high standards are ensured through rigorous testing and inspection practices
  • Available in Centurion Floor Grade, or for additional feel and fineness, Centurion Satin Grade
  • Our Recycling Program provides rebates for returned instruments, a positive environmental impact and other benefits - you can actually save money by reducing your waste disposal costs
  • Returned needle holders may qualify for our Instrument Recycling Program rebates