PlastiVac System

PlastiVac System


Simplify Workflows, Increase Efficiencies, and Reduce Costs

Centurion Medical Products has developed the most efficient process for the collection and recycling of soiled linen liners in healthcare environments. It's called the PlastiVac System and it's a bag-to baler system that is changing the way commercial laundries approach staffing, space and their efficiency levels from start to finish.

Suction _TubePlastiVac™ Changes Everything

Look into most laundry processing facilities and you'll see a large work area with lots of employees sorting laundry, moving bins, cleaning work areas and tending to balers.

However, facilities using the PlastiVac System look different. There are fewer tasks, fewer bins and no one is needed to stand next to a baler. That's because the PlastiVac uses positive and negative airflow to create a hands-free solution to move discarded bags directly to the compactor/baler.  Simply put, it reduces costs and increases efficiency to levels that were not previously attainable. These savings directly affect the bottom line.

Peerless _BagCenturion's Peerless™ Bag

The system works because of our bag. It's not just any ordinary bag. Centurion's PEERLESS bags are made of "prime virgin resin" which allows them to be the lightest, strongest, most durable bags on the market today.

HamperWorry-Free Hampers

Our maintenance-free hampers come in different configurations. Their sturdy design is easy to use and stands up to repeated abuse. Best of all, they arrive fully assembled and repairs are taken care of anytime you need them. That's why we call them maintenance-free and you'll call them worry-free.

Getting PlastiVac Into Your Facility

We'd like to have the opportunity to show you how our innovative thinking, quality products and superior personal service can help you take advantage of the greatest advancement in efficiency since the electric washing machine!

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