Sustainability Programs



Sustainability Makes Business Sense.  For over 30 years, Centurion Medical Products has been at the forefront of developing programs and products that help healthcare providers optimize the profitability of their green initiatives. 

That's made us the performance leader in supporting environmentally focused business strategies.  We help our customers discover they don't have to choose between profit and sustainability. They can control costs with sustainable healthcare.

Centurion Medical Products' On-Going "Green" Initiatives:

  • Instrument Recycling & Rebate Program - Centurion offers free collection and pick up of used medical instruments, eliminating instrument disposal costs, reducing landfill and raw material usage, and issuing cash rebates for returned instruments.  To date six million pounds of instruments have been reprocessed. In the past three years this program has paid out over $3 million in cash rebates to Centurion customers.
  • Original Soiled Linen Collection System - Centurion pioneered the soiled linen and liner recycling program and to date has recycled over 50 million pounds of plastics bags used for soiled linens.