My son has a PICC line due to having a Brain Abscess caused by an ear infection. He has had the PICC line in for 10 weeks now, projected duration of PICC line is 4 more months an if it does not clear up, he will need surgery to remove the brain abcess which is on the speech center of the brain (and he may permanently lose his ability to speak). We have been using a Tegaderm covering and changing the dressing weekly. Unfortunately, his skin has become inflamed and infected under this Tegaderm. He was seen in the ER at University-Rainbows Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday 1-15-08. They sent down an IV nurse to clean his arm and redressed it with your SorbaView 2000 # SV46XT, sent us home with a prescription (no samples or extra dressing), to get from our home health care provider. His PICC line was not infected, but the surrounding skin was highly infected, it has cleared up substantially in the last 3 days since the SorbaView went on (the skin can breathe and heal). The next day I called Home Health Care to place the order, but they did not carry your product, nor did they have anything comparable, nor did the hospital pharmacy. The last 2 days I have tried to purchase this dressing or something like it, (called numerous other pharmacies, medical and surgical supply companies and even a few hospitals, and on line using the internet) my home health care provider and others have tried, no luck. I contacted the hospital IV department to see if I could purchase it directly from them, no luck. I am truly at a loss of how to obtain this dressing for my son, and no one else seems to be able to get it either. I think it would be easier for me get ahold of plutonium or uranium at this point! I find it hard to believe that a product that is used by the hospital, and sends its patients home with it,with a need for continuous use of the dressing, cannot be purchased for home use by that patient. I am asking for your help to get my son the proper supplies for on-going home care. I have a prescription for the dressing, I carry insurance and am even willing to pay out of pocket for the dressing, as long as it will help my son heal and not get skin infections like from the previously used Tegaderm, which does not allow his skin to breath beneath it. If it is your company policies or contracts not to sell to the public, I understand, but why can't you sell it to the Home Health Care, and I'll get it thru them, or the hospital pharmacy, or some other supply place.? 

I have found out from some of the nurses, that my son is not the only one who has had skin reactions to the Tegaderm due to long term use, but like myself, they too cannot find a solution, (short term solution is to cover the injection site with gauze, but this now opens up the possibility of infection at the site due to it not being sealed). Its kind of being between a rock and a hard place. The SorbaView 2000 seems to be the best solution at this time for this ongoing condition, and would relieve the pain and suffering our children go thru with every dressing change. As a parent, I will do everything in my power to stop my child from feeling pain, especially unnecessary pain caused by a simple dressing, because at this point, he has gone thru so much already. Dejana C. Mother of Patient