I just wanted to say "thank you" for the dressings. We LOVE the SorbaView Dressing. For my daughter, age 5, it is much less traumatic to remove than the other standard dressing/bandage the hospital used previously (they still use the old clear dressing per their "take home" kit). The old clear bandages really hurt when you remove them from the central line site. My daughter's central line stitches also came off during one dressing change due to the sticking factor of the old bandage right around the central line's exit site. We feel much more comfortable using the dressing, and it lasts much better and sticks longer around the edges than the old, clear dressing. I would highly recommend it for any other patient. Hopefully, the hospital will use this dressing with their home kit in the future, and will continue to use it at the hospital for inpatients. Monica M. Mother of Patient