We have been very much blessed in Michael's life with people who have gone above and beyond their jobs - his pulmonologists never flagged in their stance of taking each issue and dealing with it as it came and keeping him alive despite all the odds when he was young. His hematologist came in the picture when he was eight and not only saved his life, but gave him a better life for the next 10 years. and today has taken on all the responsibility of coordinating his care and working to make his quality of life as high as possible. My mother has been unflagging in her support of Michael, myself, and my family. When I think of the hours she has spent in doctor's offices even back when she had young children of her own, I am overwhelmed by her love and support. She gives Michael the space to just be and forget about his issues. These are big gifts, and there are many more friends and family who have stood by for years in good and in bad. Sometimes, however, its a little thing that can go unnoticed in the middle of the big things. The first PICC that Michael had was a nightmare, not because of the PICC itself, but because all of the dressings we tried irritated his skin so badly that just before they pulled it due to skin breakdown, the whole patch would just fall off as another layer of his skin fell off. As a mother, it was painful and frustrating to watch. Just before they pulled it, our nurse brought a different type of patch that another of her patients gave us to try - it stopped the inflammation but it was too late for the skin on that arm, it needed to heal up. PICC number two we started right off with the Sorbaview patch that our supply company was finally able to get a hold of in a small form that we had to piggy back, but it was worth it to keep his skin in better condition. PICC #3 came and we had two Sorbaviews left to use for the initial placement but due to strange and irritating "rules" we couldn't even manage to buy them off the supply company due to the fact that a) he wasn't a patient b) they didn't have orders c) even if they had orders they couldn't dispense to someone in a hospital. It's a PATCH, not something you can sell on the street corner or black market! After a round about frustrating conversation I hit the web, perfectly willing to buy them but again frustrated at being unable to do so. They are being trialed by hospitals at the moment. I really wanted to get my hands on the newer Sorbaview Shield which would let us ditch one more object with adhesive on it (statlock to hold it in place). We didn't need the statlock as they had stitched it on his skin, but that meant I wanted it VERY secure - I want this PICC to last as long as possible. We HAD to change his patch in the hospital as it was full of blood from the placement and pooled blood breaks down skin but I so did not want to put anything with tegaderm on it and start the breakdown as well-frustrating! Anyway, no luck, couldn't even buy them. I finally called the company directly and fell in love with Martha. At first I was told that they couldn't sell them to the public because they were on trial with hospitals but that she could see about possibly donating some, she was very sweet and gracious and asked some questions about Michael, his health, his reaction to all the other brands we tried and said she would contact someone. Within fifteen minutes she called back saying they would be sending us some! Yesterday we got a box of 100 Sorbaview Shields that will give us almost two years of patch changes! Thank you Martha and Centurion!!!!!!!!! It seems like such a little thing to write such a long post about, but Michael needs a PICC line. which needs to be kept sterile and safe as possible from infection, which needs to not destroy his skin and cause him pain and frustration. It made my week! Martha, your graciousness and compassion touched my heart when I was feeling quite down and I appreciate it more than you can know. Thank you all for making something a little easier in my son's life that is full of things not so easy. We're on the third dressing change and his skin looks fantastic, the patch holds like a dream but then comes off just as easily - we love them! Mother of Patient