Hi, I wanted to let you know that the sorbaview shield is GREAT! I really appreciate the samples you gave me and wanted to let you know how well it is working. Not only is it simpler (dressing plus stabilization all in one) it is actually the ONLY dressing that my skin hasn't had a really bad rash under (It has totally cleared up). Also, I am able to leave it on the full 7 days (all other clear dressings were falling off of me by day 2 or 3. I am just amazed at how good the sorbaview shield is (i tend to get really bad skin reactions to almsot everything, so you all did a great job in designing it to be so gentle yet secure. I had severe skin reaction under statlock and am not able to use it. I had tried "the bone" and it was better, but very hard to use. Then I'd been using Griplock, but sometimes would get a rash under it. (Also comparing the sorbaview shield to griplock - the sorbaview shield REALLY holds well, griplock sometimes doesn't) My catheter is a silicone one so very hard to secure (it is "slippery") For transparent dressings, I had previously found that Tegaderm HP stayed on the longest and Opsite IV3000 was the least irritating to my skin. The amazing thing is - SorbaView SHIELD holds BETTER than the Tegaderm HP, and MORE gentle than the Opsite. My doctors were really impressed with it - they said my skin has never looked that good under a dressing. I was in the hospital recently (St. Vincents @ Erie, PA) and the IV team, who has seen how terrible some of my skin irriation has been, thought that this was just amazing. Thank you so much for the samples, they are really making my life easier and helping keep my line safe and secure. Tess Patient